About Me


My name is James Thornhill!  I am Scottish by birth, and grew up near Inverness in the north of Scotland.  I have been playing the Great Highland Bagpipes since I was 11 years old - that's over 15 years experience.

Scottish Bagpipes with Bridal Party

Why the Bagpipes?
Wedding Bagpipes

Coming to Australia six years ago, I was apprehensive about the opportunities for Piping - but this feeling was very short lived.  Australia is a country that is very proud of its roots - and the Scottish roots in particular are very strong indeed, stretching back to the arrival of the first convict fleet.  After 230 years of history, the same love for Scotland and Scottish traditions are vibrant throughout the country.

This love and appreciation of Scotland makes me all the more proud of my own roots. Especially, being asked to play the pipes at weddings and other events gives me joy to be a part of other people's special moments and to be able to add to their day with the music that I love to play.


Scottish Bagpipes in the Sydney sun