Why the Bagpipes?


The Great Highland Bagpipe is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.  For centuries, it has been used as accompaniment to countless historic events, such as coronations, battles, weddings and funerals.

Bridal Party with Scottish Bagpipes in Sydney Botanical Gardens

About Me
Wedding Bagpipes

The tradition and appeal of the Bagpipes continues through the years due to its magnificent sound that is beautiful, stirring and haunting.  With the Bagpipes, you will add a level of remembrance to your day that will be matchless by any other instrument.

In my opinion, the most beautiful part of a wedding is when the bride arrives and the groom first sees his wife-to-be walking towards him on the arm of her proud father.  She looks stunning in her dress, and the smiles and feelings of joy are evident in all congregated.  With the Bagpipes sounding off loud and true, this feeling spreads as a warmth to the heart - the arrival of the bride seemingly heralded to the whole world!